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Store VIP card, membership card, VIP card, is introduced
Publish:Shenzhen Jianhexing Smart Card Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-05-23
VIP card, VIP card, VIP card, VIP card, VIP card production company, VIP card production of professional manufacturers, the domestic leading VIP card manufacturers, ten old brand fabrication experience, VIP CARDS are of good quality, timely delivery, support the national logistics, construction and fabrication factoryVIP card is introduced:Standard PVC card, usually printed on VIP card, represents a kind of VIP status.Through the card on the back of the rules have VIP service.Can undertake layout according to the customer provide material, also can provide the design draft by the customer, its thickness from 0.35 mm to 0.35 mm, also can make the thickness of the other.The standard size is 85.5 mm * 54 mm, rounded corners, can also be used for other size.VIP card can be one-sided or two-sided printing, use the screen printing or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.Can be sprayed on each a VIP card to different Numbers, PIN or text;Can add signature or tablet (can write by hand area);Can according to customer‘s requirements and low dense or high-density magnetic stripe (three rail magnetic stripe);Can hit convex code, you iron silver gilding or convex code;You can round hole, strip-shaped holes, and various kinds of strip, can according to the sequence number, can also play a personalized, no rule of number.VIP card can make square, circular, and any other irregular shapes.Place the order processFirst: through QQ, email, express delivery, network hard disk, such as way to accept orders (draft).Second: if the customer have no design draft by us to help design (150-300 yuan between design fee).Third: manuscript after confirmation by our company is responsible for the production orders, your company‘s signature (or verbal confirmation).Fourth: the customer pay the deposit began after making (cash, bank transfer).Production cycle for 10 days (4?).(card before all within 1000, more than 1000 copies of 30% - 50%)Fifth: production has been completed, to pay the balance shipment, shipping method: (since, trucks, postal, railway express, the customer should bear the cost, airfreight,), way to customize.Sixth: fabrication, playing version does not include the charge fees, page fees (300 yuan/item).Shenzhen city line and smart card, specialized production each kind of chip, VIP card, grind arenaceous card, dumb face CARDS, gold powder, silver powder, hot stamping, silk, such as all kinds of craft.Need to please contact miss wang: 13828760722 WeChat: qq: 13828760722 1005412312
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